This Is Not A Post About Anti-Hunters.

A lot of people in our industry have been weighing in on the anti-hunting movement, even when it doesn’t make much sense for them to. Are we stoking the fire with our well-intended parade of pro-hunting articles? Or are we raising awareness for a sad epidemic that has left many of us in an uncomfortable situation? 

Either way, it’s gaining momentum in mainstream media. And the anti-hunters won’t back down when they are getting exactly what they want. Attention. 

When I’m in the woods or sitting around a campfire, the last thing on my mind is drama. I go to the woods to get away from the busy world and the over saturated life that many people actually enjoy. I spend time in the woods because it’s where my soul is happiest. 

I love hunting. I won’t apologize for it. I love the the nature of it, the challenge of it, and the reward of taking an animal that I’ve worked for. I adore the smells of the countryside, cleaning my own animal after the kill, and the cold wind against my face. I love climbing mountains and knowing that the big deer live at the top, I love releasing an arrow into the perfect spot to take an animal down quickly, and most of all I love that this is a tradition that my great ancestors enjoyed also. They passed down this heritage for me to enjoy it, and I do.

I’ll never apologize for being a hunter. I’ll embrace it, I’ll defend it, and I won’t back down just because some guy on social media threatened to hurt me. That guy just needs a good kick in the pants and a 9 mile hike up the mountains to get his head straight. 

2 thoughts on “This Is Not A Post About Anti-Hunters.

  1. Great write babe and you nailed it on the head while staying classy the entire way. It’s a shame the anti’s can’t have that same class. That’s what sets you and us apart.

  2. The funny thing is that those who write about the ‘drama’ that’s been happening lately and mentioning those names involved over and over just create more havoc for those people and keep the news cycle going – all helpful for the anti’s and not so helpful for us. The sad reality is no one cares on what we have to say. Everyone has their own agenda.

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