Let’s Talk About Meal Prep….

If you ever see me scrolling through my social media feed on my iPhone it’s highly likely that I’m not just distracting myself from something. I actually follow a lot of healthy sites and fitness experts online to get inspiration for my daily routine.

One thing that I’ve casually picked up on, that actually seemed daunting at first, is meal preparation. I see these glorious photos posted online of tupperware with perfect proportions in them, people eating six meals a day, and the perfect diet breakdown from fitness professionals… So of course it seemed completely unrealistic for me to be a part of that culture!  But what I’ve learned is that we can modify our meal prep to fit our own life. We can prepare meals ahead of schedule to save time later.

I’ve learned what works for me by trial and error. I know that if I’m on the road working and hunting then I might not actually need meals prepared every day. If I can’t take a cooler along with me, then it’s useless to prepare something just to leave it sitting in my refrigerator. I don’t like to be wasteful.

What does work for me is meal prep in a realistic way. For example, last night while I made dinner (chicken breast and salad) I found time to prepare my next days breakfast. We all know that it takes at least 30 minutes for chicken to cook, and that’s plenty of time to think about ways to save time for the next day.

So here is what I put together last night:

½ cup of quick oats

⅔ cup of water

½ cup greek yogurt

a little salt (pinch)

Toppings: raspberries and chopped walnuts

Put all of those things into a mason jar in that order. Don’t stir or shake! Put it in the refrigerator overnight, and when you wake up you have the perfect prepared breakfast! You can add any toppings you like (brown sugar, blueberries, fresh fruit…) And you’ll have no excuse to reach for something that’s completely unhealthy because you’re pressed for time!


Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of preparing your meals ahead of time. Instead, experiment with some fun and simple recipes and see what works for you and your schedule. I’ve found that it makes me happy to find these little shortcuts, and I feel so much healthier when I follow my diet.

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