When Hunters Attack Hunters

Until recently I’ve only been defending myself against anti hunters and people who don’t appreciate our hunting culture. I’ve been bullied and threatened, and they stop at nothing to bring negative energy into my world. The antis have even threatened to kill my dogs. I can defend myself against people who don’t agree with my lifestyle, and I even understand their point of view most of the time. It still stings a little when I read some of the things they say, but that’s a part of my world now.

The moments that hurt the most is when a hunter, conservationist, or pro-hunting personality does the same thing that anti-hunters are doing to us. It’s an inside job. It’s sad. And it happens more than what you might expect.

Recently a very popular television show host wrote a blog post that has gained some momentum. He specifically mentions “sex-pot huntresses” and how they aren’t doing enough to be a positive role model for future generations. He is worried that these attractive women in the hunting industry might be focusing too much on their looks instead of being outdoorsy and well educated in the world of hunting and providing food for their families.

Typically, I wouldn’t take direct offense to a blog that someone posted if it didn’t include my name or my photo (which his does not). We are all entitled to have our opinions. This person is directly insulting the female hunters who focus on their physical appearance. He specifically mentions fake tans, counterfeit breasts, and changing hairstyles. I have all of those things, and I don’t feel good about being judged for it by somebody who should be on the same team as me. Why does his opinion matter when it comes to my physical appearance or how much time I devote to it? He is influential to some of the same fan base that looks up to me. When he says these things about women in the outdoors he is directly shaming those of us who enjoy taking care of our bodies, spray tan and all. That is the reason why his blog stood out to me. Public shaming.

I responded to his blog. I took my time and wrote a letter to him about how he made me feel.  I’m still looking over it and making sure that this is a battle that I’m willing to fight. So far I have not made my response public, and I’m not sure yet that I ever will.

Keep in mind that if this person was an anti-hunter, or if he simply didn’t understand our culture, then I would let it pass by like water under the bridge. But he is respected in our industry, which makes his words sting even more.

The lessons to learn here are that we all live in glass houses. What we say might hurt someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. And don’t send an email or post something to the public until you’re positive that you won’t want to eat those words later.

2 thoughts on “When Hunters Attack Hunters

  1. Wow!!!! I had no idea you deal with this kind of crap!!! I’m sorry that happens to such a wonderful person as yourself!

    Mike big bird Strickland


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