How We Really Feel About Our Cameramen…

I just went back and re-read this blog from June of last year. If you missed it, it sheds some light on the driving force behind our industry. The unspoken praise and often under appreciated persona of the cinematographer….

Julie McQueen...

Having cameras around nonstop was difficult to get used to. We rarely have any privacy, even when we’re not on the road. But I think of it as an alternative to keeping a journal. All of our adventures over the years have been carefully and skillfully documented on camera, and it’s nice to go back and look at how far we’ve come. 

The guys behind the cameras are often forgotten, in spite of the fact that they are the ones who bring the entire thing together. Without our beloved cinematographers we would be working overtime to get the job done. And the finished product would have lost it’s luster without the talents of the creative people behind the lens. 

Both Daniel Lee and I actually work behind the cameras quite often, but hosting a show requires that we spend the majority of our time in front of the lens instead of behind it…

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