We Are Athletes, And This Is Our Sport

I wrote this a little over a year ago. Love it or hate it, I think I nailed it. And I think our hunting community will agree based on the influx of fitness fanatics that have joined the movement over the past year.

Julie McQueen...

I am an athlete, although I can’t throw a football for more than 10 yards, and my dunking skills leave a lot to be desired. The similarities, however, between myself and the professional ball players is uncanny when you stop and think about it… 

I’m here to discuss the similarities between my sport and the sports that are more commonly accepted by the general public.

Football requires that the athletes condition and train day in and day out for the physical requirements of their sport. They must know the drills and catch the ball when it’s thrown in their direction. They need to block the opposing players entire body force when it’s in the way, and they have to do all of this with their heavy padding on to protect their bodies. 

My sport requires that I climb up mountainsides with a heavy pack on my back. I need to…

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2 thoughts on “We Are Athletes, And This Is Our Sport

  1. You and DL are athletes for sure. Machines really!! I would love to be on a big hunt like YALL do but my current health status would prevent it. Lol. Keep doing what YALL do. YALL do inspire others to do better.

    Mike big bird Strickland


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