Protein Cookies!

The day I got my first shipment of Magnum protein powder in the mail from Mtn Ops I knew I had to make cookies with it. Based on all other cookie recipes, I knew I needed some liquid, some powder, and some flavor, so I started grabbing things from my pantry to experiment with. I wanted something that I could grab on the go, or throw in my daypack as a healthy snack with sustainable energy.

So far, this is my favorite combination of ingredients…

⅓ cup Instant Oats

1 scoop Magnum powder (any flavor)

2 tsp of peanut, almond, or any nut butter  (I use PB2 powder)

1 whole egg

handfull of nuts (I use hazelnuts)

1 tsp Splenda blend brown sugar

(optional) I use a handful butterscotch chips

Now mix it all together. If it seems dry, I’ll add a splash of almond (or regular) milk, but not much. It should have the consistency of cookie dough. Add more protein powder if it’s too runny.

This is a small recipe and will only make about 6 or 8 cookies. Sometimes I just keep adding ingredients until the batch is bigger. It’s a forgiving recipe, so be open minded and experiment with different ingredients. (I’ve mixed in some honey, bananas, and lots of other healthy ingredients!)

Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.



You can purchase Mtn Ops products at

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