Being Kind To Others

I believe in karma. I believe that if you are nice to people, then you will find more kindness in this world than you can imagine. I also believe that there is no excuse for rudeness. My parents taught me that there is never any reason to be unkind to people, even if they treat you poorly. And the only reason that we should be looking over at someone else’s plate is to be sure that they have enough. Not to compare what we have.

Social media, however, has opened up new doors for people to be rude and inconsiderate without having to face the consequences. It has enabled some people to make comments or say things that they would never imagine saying to someone’s face. I live by the rule that I don’t say anything on social media that I wouldn’t want my family to see. The people who harass hunters and threaten us obviously don’t live by that rule.

What if somebody wrote a book that was full of quotes from what you’ve said on social media? Would you be embarrassed? Would you allow your family to read it?

Turning my cheek to the ugly comments is my preference. I choose kindness because I’m happy with who I am and what I do in my life.

I do have a degree in psychology, but I’m not the first one to point out that people who put others down and publicly shame others are lacking in confidence and have underlying issues. People who insult others whom they’ve never met have serious personal problems. I choose to be nice and to focus on kindness in my world so that some of that positive energy stays with me at all times.

4 thoughts on “Being Kind To Others

  1. You are the one of the truest people I know. Honest and straight forward. I’m proud to call your friend. I too believe in karma. I spent a very mixed up youth! Thinks happened to me that were a direct action to how I treated others. One day I started smiling!!! Started saying kinder words. My life changed then. I would have never met you or DL had I not done that. I am forever great fun that I did. Always stay true to yourself. Proud to call you my friend.

  2. It’s so sad that people feel the need to bully others online. Even worse when it’s a child enjoying their time with family, outdoors, and with a buck they harvested gets bullied by adults who don’t like people who don’t have the same views.

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