The Definition Of Humanity

We live on the road for long periods of time. Sometimes we don’t go home for months. A while back we made the decision to invest in a very nice 5th wheel trailer for these long road trips. It comes with all of the comforts of home. A tall ceiling, wood floors, a full kitchen, and flat screen tv’s. Soon after we went on the road DL purchased a satellite for the television so we can watch the news on our days off.

As I write this I am in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. New Mexico. This state is sometimes underrated, but I attribute that to people who have never really explored it. This state has it all, and every bit of it is enchanting. The wildlife is abundant, the people are nice, and the skies go on for an eternity while becoming more beautiful with every cloud.

Tonight I went out for a walk with my dogs. The kind of walk where I take a knife and a Garmin GPS, but not a leash. We found a trail that looked promising, and we followed it until we wanted to go off-trail. Then we just walked and explored the fields. As I walked with my dogs running in front of me I thought about the news of the world. The hatred and terrible things that people do to each other. I thought about the millions of people who want to get away from their situation, but they don’t feel able. I thought about the people who just don’t feel happy, and they don’t know why. Thinking about the news broadcasting in my trailer just made me want to stay outside even longer. I can’t hide from the world. It doesn’t work that way.

But for this short time I was able to laugh at my dogs while they ran the hills in an area that we had never explored before. I smiled when they posed for a picture, and I contemplated if that might end up being our Christmas card photo this year. I smiled from the inside out. For that short moment in time I forgot the news. I lived my life as if that sky was put there just for me and my dogs.

And while I walked the hills in my own personal heaven, I knew that in other parts of the world there were terrible things happening. There are people being horrible for no reason, causing trouble, shooting each other, starting wars… But for a moment in time I didn’t have any obligation to feel the sadness that comes with that knowledge. All I knew was that my dog had a sticker in his foot and I had the ability to make him feel better. So I did. And that’s the definition of humanity.

One thought on “The Definition Of Humanity

  1. Just wonderful. The best kinds of walks are the peaceful and eye opening kind. New Mexico is an absolute hidden treasure. The towns are small, the scenery is ever changing, and the wildlife is plentiful. Driving from Denver to Phoenix, we passed through NM and not once, but 4 times we saw herds of pronghorn just yards from the highway. That state made for a memorable road trip

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