Trophy Photos – To Post Or Not To Post?

Somebody asked me an interesting questions through social media today. They wanted to know if we are saving the trophy photos and not showing them intentionally, and then we’ll show them next year when we release the show footage from this year.

I find this question really interesting for a few reasons.

  1. That’s actually brilliant. If I knew that some tv personalities were keeping their trophy photos hidden until the release of the episode, I would be more interested in watching that episode to see what happens. Once you’ve seen the trophy photo, you know the ending to the story.
  2. He might be right. On my social media I try to tell a compelling story through the photos that I post. It’s not always about the destination. My story is about the journey. We do harvest animals, but that’s not always the point to the story I’m trying to tell.
  3. This is why I love social media and how it connects all of us. Sure, I don’t have the largest following, but while some other people were building their social media world, I was busy building my real world. Now I’ve come to embrace Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because it connects me directly to┬áthe people who may want to hear my stories.

Maybe I’m not posting trophy photos constantly because I don’t want people to lose my message in the hype. Or maybe I don’t want to share those photos because they’re irrelevant to the storyline? If you scroll through my social media feed you’ll see some animal photos, but you’ll also see a lot more than that. You’ll see a lifestyle that revolves around the great outdoors, a hunting and fishing journey, and a girl who absolutely loves her life. You might also see some wild game recipes, beautiful scenery, and interesting places in the world. With all of that to look at, is it really crucial for me to always post the “trophy” from the hunt?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and tell me how you feel about it.