About Julie McQueen

Julie McQueen has been hosting outdoor television and appearing as a hunting celebrity since 2010. Prior to that she was one of the original female “ProStaffers” in the hunting industry. One of her standard comments when asked about her early years in the hunting world is that “Pro Staff means Promotional Staff, not Professional Staff. We all have to begin somewhere.”

She is an avid hunter who has built her reputation in the industry on a foundation of conservation, real life scenarios, and humor. To watch Julie host the television show is to be reminded that humility can often pay off,¬†and she is perfectly comfortable admitting that she doesn’t know everything. “It’s a constant learning experience, and I never want to stop exploring new things in the outdoors.”

Julie co-hosted Backstage & Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin on the Sportsman Channel for a few seasons prior to her current position as the co-host of Brotherhood Outdoors.

Aside from co-hosting and co-producing the television show, Julie also writes articles for major publications and regularly makes public appearances to get to know her fans.

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