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I love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments on my blog or on my Facebook page!  You can get exclusive updates, photos & videos by following me on twitter and “Liking” my Facebook fan page!

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3 thoughts on “Contact Julie McQueen

  1. I videoed my drive home “down country roads” with Daniel Lee’s version of “Country Roads” playing. I would love to send it to y’all. Just a rough video-but is down some real, way out in the sticks, country roads. Pamilou1964

  2. Julie:

    I follow you on Instagram and love how you are female hunter and conservationist.

    Ian a board member for Dallas Safari Club Conservation Society, a club within DSC that is for ages 25-40. But more importantly we are. Club that is working with DSC to change some of the perseption of the club. We are striving to be more gender neutral, supporting conservation with US, and supporting the DEF organization within DSC that helps youth get into hunting and conservation. The DEF organization is something I would like to discuss more.

    But what really want to potential have you donate some of your time to speak at an event next year to our membership about some your adventures.

    Hope to be contact soon

    Brent Karrington

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